<a href='http://atlanticcenterforthearts.org' target='_blank' title='Link to atlanticcenterforthearts.org, an Artist Residency Center'>atlanticcenterforthearts.org</a>, An Artist Residency Center
An Artist Residency Center
Features: Wordpress, Responsive, jQuery, CSS3, Custom PHP page themes, Custom Index Page, WooCommerce
<a href='http://floridasurffilmfestival.com/' target='_blank' title='Link to floridasurffilmfestival.com, An Annual Surf Film Festival'>floridasurffilmfestival.com/</a>, An Annual Surf Film Festival
An Annual Surf Film Festival
Features: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Social Media Features, Custom Theme
<a href='http://elipingfrancesperkins.com/' target='_blank' title='Link to elipingfrancesperkins.com, a New York Gallery'>elipingfrancesperkins.com</a>, A Contemporary New York Gallery
A Contemporary New York Gallery
Features: Stacey CMS, Lightweight, Efficient Use of Content
<a href='http://imagesartfestival.org/' target='_blank' title='Link to imagesartfestival.org, a New Smyrna Beach Annual Art Festival'>imagesartfestival.org</a>, Annual Art Festival
Annual Art Festival
Features: Wordpress, CSS3 Animations
<a href='http://daniellelibrizzi.com/' target='_blank' title='Link to daniellelibrizzi.com, a New York Based Makeup Artist'>daniellelibrizzi.com</a>, A New York Makeup Artist
A New York Makeup Artist
Features: Wordpress, Responsive, Custom Galleries
<a href='http://undergrind.co/' target='_blank' title='Link to undergrind.co, a New York Based Action Sports Talent Agency'>undergrind.co</a>, A New York Sports Talent Agency
A New York Sports Talent Agency
Features: Wordpress, Responsive, Isotope Plugin
<a href='http://totempress.org/' target='_blank' title='Link to totempress.org, an art book press founded by Frances Perkins'>totempress.org</a>, An experimental art book press.
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An experimental art book press.
Features: Stacey CMS, Integrated Ecommerce, Minimal Style
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Freelance Web Development

with Wordpress and Stacey CMS


My main freelance project has been developing and maintaining web sites for galleries, artists, nonprofits, and other creative organizations. I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge over time and have grown from courses at the University of Florida in 2009 to creating fully featured websites in the last few years. My largest (and most recent project) is a redesign of ACA’s new website at atlanticcenterforthearts.org. It has a large set of features including clean and bold styling, a unique front page, responsive layout, integrated ecommerce, and a well-organized events page.