Installation view, Backyard Freesound, view of plexiglas table and technology that allows for the composition of environmental sound, by Greg Cole
Installation view
Detail of reacTIVision cards, cards seen by webcam that mix sounds in a 5.1 space. By Greg Cole
Detail of reacTIVision cards
User Interaction, Backyard Freesound, by Greg Cole. People composing environmental sound.
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User Interaction

Backyard Freesound

interactive soundscape installation


an interface to allow people to compose soundscape pieces about the area around my home in Gainesville, FL, and to think more about the sound in their own lives.

Other Ideas: collecting and studying the sound that occurs close to my home (the process made me intimately aware of the wildlife and people that travelled around the area) // installing an environmental sound piece in it's own environment, which mixed recorded and live sounds to create interesting relationships and narratives

Tech: Max/MSP, reacTIVision, Webcam, Speakers, Sound Recordings, PC, Lights, Plexiglass, Rope, Printed Cards, Stakes